Our Story

We have just celebrated our 6th birthday – an opportune time to reflect on where we have come from…..

Conceived in May 2015, the baby of a surfer/“man who can do anything”, passionate about beer (aka Craig) and an adrenalin junkie passionate about business, good food and adventurous living (aka Daryle), Sunshine Brewery was born on 24th November 2015, opening it’s doors to the public on 10th May 2017.

Like any new born, its first twelve months were a period of learning; falls and getting back up; and building support networks to create a solid footing for growth. In the second year the child found voice and growth.

The third year – well that was a challenge – COVID went down and we thought our business might have too, but thanks to an awesome landlord and our incredible community who supported us throughout that two years of uncertainty, we have actually grown.

By July 2021, now in our fourth year, we had a new licence – an Artisan Producer Licence and we were struggling to keep up supply to our own cellar door.  This drove the decision to buy lots more stainless, doubling the size of our brewhouse.  This happened in November 2021 and has allowed us to supply beer to other independent bars, restaurants and bottle shops on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, growing our reach while maintaining our values of small, independent and artisan.

2022 and year five – a year of growth and bringing together two more permanent team members – Ryan stepping up and taking over the cellar door and front of house, and Davy coming on as brewer, relieving Craig to keep everything in working order and still keep his hand in with a few specialty brews. Davy’s impact and expertise has been consolidated with our first Gold medal in March 2023, bringing our total medal count to 25 in our first six years.

Now supported by Craig and Daryle, Sunshine Brewery team are passionate about good fresh beer made with love, using products directly traceable to the people who grew them. And always creating new brews – at six years we are up to 100 different beers brewed (and consumed). And of course with good beer comes good times out enjoying the environment of our wonderful Sunshine State, Queensland.

The former surfer and chief brewer, Craig Dunsdon grew up on aviation fumes (his other fascination) and the ocean. If he wasn’t riding a wave, he was scheming his next boat trip to secluded areas of Moreton or Stadbroke Islands, surfing remote breaks with mates and dolphins – and always a cold beer not far from hand. His beer tastes have always been a little left field of his mates and after a visit to Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Austria in 2010, including the 200th Munich Beer festival, Craig’s palate for great beer expanded enormously. After a few trial runs and lots of study, Craig set about building a small all-grain brewing pilot plant, attempting to recreate some of the great beers he tried abroad and to create some of his own using New World (southern hemisphere) malt and hops. The results have been enjoyed by many and some have now become signature brews for Sunshine Brewery.

The Adrenalin Junkie and Brewministrator, Daryle Cook grew up in rural New Zealand and still maintains a passion for things kiwi – malt; hops; great kiwi beer; great kiwi produce; mountains and awesome hiking and of course the All Blacks. While she has been in Australia since 1981, Daryle still holds on to her heritage. Her background and expertise is in business and if she is not found helping (translate to cleaning) as brewery assistant then you will find her in the red office.

Watch this space as we introduce the rest of the team ….